Northshore STEM Coalition

The Northshore STEM Coalition is a collaborative organization of stakeholders dedicated to improving STEM education and workforce opportunities in the Northshore region. The coalition envisions a region that is well equipped to meet current and future workforce demands and exists as a leader in science and innovation. The coalition’s mission is to prepare all youth and young adults in the region for success by facilitating inclusive and quality STEM education and workforce development opportunities. The coalition is an official member of the national STEM Learning Ecosystem network.

To accomplish its mission, the Northshore STEM Coalition endeavors to: 

  1. Inspire families to pursue opportunities in STEM through ongoing support and access to resources
  2. Empower parents and caregivers to prioritize STEM learning
  3. Create community STEM events at no/low cost to families
  4. Build community awareness & participation in STEM education opportunities offered by coalition partners throughout the Northshore area
  5. Be inclusive and promote opportunities to children and young adults of all ages.
  6. Promote STEM-oriented integrative and experiential learning activities starting in early childhood and extending through adulthood.
  7. Support a well-developed STEM workforce pipeline from early childhood through adulthood
  8. Align out-of-school STEM programs to enhance in-school learning
  9. Connect youth to out-of-school STEM programs and resources by increasing availability and accessibility.
  10. Connect STEM concepts and skills to real world applications
  11. Build community-workforce relationships in STEM
  12. Build partnerships among community stakeholders including local governments, non-profits, schools, and businesses to expand opportunities and access to resources
  13. Leverage grants and other resources to support and expand STEM Ed opportunities
  14. Create a clear set of metrics to measure the impact of the coalition’s work.

The Northshore STEM Coalition is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

Board of Directors

President: Tina Roper, Director, Louisiana Workforce Development Area 20
Treasurer: Savannah Jones, Science Teacher, Sherwood Middle School
Secretary: Dr. Wendy Conarro, Director, Northshore Regional STEM Center


Dr. George Anthon, Owner/Physician, Anthon Chiropractic
Charles Crabtree, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Northshore Technical Community College
Dr. Deborah Dardis, Associate Professor of Biology, Southeastern Louisiana University
Darnell Whittington, Trustee; Director, Explore & Learn, ELC