October 7, 2020

Vision and Mission

The Northshore STEM Coalition is a member of the national STEM Learning Ecosystem network and was formed out of the rapid growth of the Tangi STEM Coalition, which was launched in 2017 by a collective of stakeholders dedicated improving STEM education opportunities in the region.

We envision a Northshore Region that is well equipped to meet current and future workforce demands and exists as a leader in science and innovation.

Our Mission: To prepare all youth and young adults in the Northshore region for success by facilitating inclusive and quality STEM education and workforce development opportunities.

To accomplish this, we endeavor to: 

  1. Inspire families to pursue opportunities in STEM through ongoing support and access to resources
  2. Empower parents and caregivers to prioritize STEM learning
  3. Create community STEM events at no/low cost to families
  4. Build community awareness & participation in STEM education opportunities offered by coalition partners throughout the Northshore area
  5. Be inclusive and promote opportunities to children and young adults of all ages.
  6. Promote STEM-oriented integrative and experiential learning activities starting in early childhood and extending through adulthood.
  7. Support a well-developed STEM workforce pipeline from early childhood through adulthood
  8. Align out-of-school STEM programs to enhance in-school learning
  9. Connect youth to out-of-school STEM programs and resources by increasing availability and accessibility.
  10. Connect STEM concepts and skills to real world applications
  11. Build community-workforce relationships in STEM
  12. Build partnerships among community stakeholders including local governments, non-profits, schools, and businesses to expand opportunities and access to resources
  13. Leverage grants and other resources to support and expand STEM Ed opportunities
  14. Create a clear set of metrics to measure the impact of the coalition’s work.
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